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Please note that we will be closed for the period from July 21 to July 28 inclusively for the summer holidays. As such, note you that the production times for the following week, from July 31 to August 4 will be 5 working days. The last day to receive orders before closing is the 18th of july 2023 Thank you for your understanding and have a great vacation!


Line Tickness

Minimum 1 pt (0.35mm)


Convert all text to curves/outlines

File Preperation

  • Color Format

    DTF transfer are printed in full color CMYK and may contain special effects, fades, photographic image

  • Format

    PNG,PDF, only with Transparent Background

  • Resolution
    300 dpi
  • Edge Quality
    Make sure that outside edges of you design are sharp and clean

Pressing instructions

  • Set Temperature
    Set the press to 290°F
  • Pre-Heat Garment
    First, pre-heatthe garment for 3-5 seconds or until there is no more steam to remove wrinkles and moisture Ensure there are no obstructions such as buttons, pockets, or seams If there are, raise only the print area with a Print Perfect Pad
  • Position & Press
    Heat press for 12-15 seconds. with medium pressure
  • Peel Hot

    Open the press, let sit a few seconds or use a heat eraser. Peel the carrier in a smooth, even motion

Be advised we work with CMYK files and do not guarantee Pantone Color matching 

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